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Our Green Story
Why Recycle Scrap Tires?
Approximately 275 million tires are discarded annually in North America and present an ecological predicament across the entire planet. Why?

Waste tire piles create dangerous conditions of uncontrollable fire, air pollution and health hazards. These stockpiles serve as breeding grounds to colonies of disease infected rodents and incubation hot beds for dangerous and deadly insects.

Many waste tires are shredded and buried in landfills. Imbedding tires or tire parts underground has a negative and dangerous impact on diminishing underground supplies of fresh water.

Burning or incinerating tires produces harmful emissions and is recognized by meteorologists as contributing to global warming trends. This method of disposal is becoming illegal in many countries.

Growing public awareness of the dangers of scrap tire piles and the support for waste reduction in general throughout North America proves the need to recover, recycle and reuse as many wasted tires as possible.

This year, Multy Home LP™ will divert approximately 2.5 million tires from landfills to produce a wide array of decorative and functional products, including envirotile™.

Scrap tires are a widely unused resource that can be recycled into new value-added products- a win-win situation for both the environment and the economy.

Multy’s products are domestically manufactured, support North American industry and reduce the carbon footprint compared to imported products.