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Installation Video

envirotile™ Installation Over Existing Flat Surface

For best results, ensure the floor surface you wish to cover is level and clear of debris. You may lay envirotileTM either from one side of your space toward the other or center the tiles within the space. To center the tile pattern, follow these directions:

1. Calculate the center of the space by measuring the length and width; divide the dimensions in two. Mark the center of the space to identify the approximate starting point for the installation.
2. Begin to lay the tiles from the center point of the space in both directions towards the edges. Fill in each of the four quadrants that you've created.
3. Upon reaching the edges, you may need to cut the tiles to fit within the desired space.To cut the tile, simply use a heavy duty utility knife. To fit tiles around irregular shapes (i.e. pipe), make a pattern from cardboard or heavy paper. Trace the pattern onto the tile and then cut with the utility knife.

If you wish to secure your tiles in place, use envirotileTM connector clips.

envirotile™ Installation Over a Primary Surface:

Like a traditional paver, envirotile™ can be installed as a primary ground surface.

1. Make sure ground is level. We recommend removing any grass and excavating 4-6 inches.

2. The ground should be compacted.

3. We suggest using an 1/8 inch or 1/4 inch gravel over the ground.

Installation Tips:

1. Buy an extra 5 to 10% more than required for envirotile™ project. Due to its recycled content, some edges will not align perfectly. Having extra product makes the installation process easier. Unused tiles can be returned to Home Depot after project is complete

2. Use connector clips throughout your project for resurfacing installations, but do not use them for primary surface projects.

3. Rotate tiles to help find best fit.

4. Although envirotile™ can be installed in any weather, it is easier to handle the tile in warmer climate as its more pliable.

5. envirotile™ will expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity.